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Aeris Gainsborough
7 February 1986
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Aeris is soft spoken, and open faced. Her gentle features would not stand out in a crowd of people, but her bright demeanor might. She stands at a mere 5'3'', with pale, smooth skin, deep brown hair, and vividly emerald eyes. She tends toward tying her hair up into a long braid, and wearing loose, casual dresses. Most often, she can be found wearing her favorite color, pink, but on occasion, she will wear white or red, as well.

Aeris is 22 years old, blood type O, and arrives on the island shortly after her death in the video game Final Fantasy VII

She brings with her:
* 1 Cotton ankle-length button-up pink dress
* 1 Pair sturdy brown leather boots
* 1 Set brass bracers, three round recesses cut along each.
* 1 Simple black string, tied as a loose necklace
* 1 Short sleeved heavy read denim jacket, with metal cuffs.
* 1 Pair pink cotton panties
* 1 Flower-print pink cotton bra
* 1 Small leather pouch containing 1500 gil, and a pressed blue flower
* 1 Water-damaged Gold Saucer Day-Pass
* 1 Pink PHS (Very long distance walkie-talkie, 1 C battery: Full) Wet, but salvageable.

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