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24 February 2010 @ 08:30 pm
Paper flowers  
They'd gone separate ways for the party. Squall was Squall, of course, and he'd needed time to reflect and to think, so she'd sought comfort and distraction in the birthday celebration while he took that time.

But now the celebration was over, and Aeris was sure it'd been hours since she'd seen Squall, or felt his sturdy, reassuring presence. In his silence, there lie so much careful thought, such full emotion, lurking under the surface, that it smothered out the emptiness of the island. She was so glad he was here now. Without him, the island seemed...void. Like one of ShinRa's cells, with invisible watchers peering in at her.

She loved Cloud, of that there was no question. She loved Zack, too. She loved AVALANCHE and Roxas and all of New Wutai. But this...felt different. This must have been the sort of love that Tifa spoke of. It was all so exhilerating and new, and she couldn't help wanting more.

Aeris tilted her head, as she wandered up toward the hut where Squall resided. She couldn't see into it, or sense anyone within it, but it seemed the most likely place he would be. "Squall? Hello?"
Squall Leonhartgunbladescar on March 1st, 2010 06:59 am (UTC)
At the sound of her voice, my heart starts beating faster. I'd been attempting to read my book, awaiting her return. My exchange with Zell from earlier had been eating me, but it was immediately shelved now that Aeris was back.

"Hey," I reply in my normal, quiet way. I feel like I've been electrified and every fiber is dancing. It's a welcome feeling compared how I normally feel. Though somewhere in the back of my mind, there's a pang for Rinoa. I easily reassure myself that she would be OK with this. The last thing she'd want is for me to be all alone here. She'd want me to be happy.