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20 August 2008 @ 10:41 pm
Double Proposal drabble  
Disbelief seemed a proper response to the initial question. Aeris settled on amusement. It was not every day you saw two SOLDIERs settling down on one knee--trying to figure out different ways to say the same thing. It had to be unbelievably embarrassing. Yuffie had to have put them up to it. It would explain how they both came to the conclusion that this was 'the only way' to settle it.

She covered her grin with one hand, as she looked down at them, before winding her hands behind her back, and leaning down toward their level.

"What if I said yes to both of you?"


She tried very hard not to giggle at their twin expressions of dismay. Cloud looked a bit more aghast than anything else--but it was sometimes hard to read his stony expressions--pale or no.

She took a few steps back, swinging her still joined arms from side to side, before nodding. "Alright! I know what to do."

Zack frowned. "...You do?"

"Yep! You both stay right there, okay?"

The two SOLDIERs nodded with varying hesitation.

Straightening, she lifted one hand to cover her eyes, and brought the other to point in front of her--in the general direction of the two suitors.